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Shogun medaka original food 100ml

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This is the food we actually feed our medaka. It is highly effective, and you can notice the benefits quickly.

1. Significantly increases the number of eggs laid
2. Reduces the risk of illness
3. Keeps the water cleaner
4. Accelerates growth rate
5. The small pellets can be used for both fry and adult fish

Due to these advantages, we recommend it for those raising medaka. When feeding fry, crush the pellets with your fingers. Since medaka do not have a stomach, they become hungry every two hours. The best practice is to feed them three times a day, approximately every two hours. The correct way to feed them is to give an amount they can consume within 30 seconds, repeating this 3 to 5 times per feeding session.

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¥1,000 ($6.30)tax included