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Dragon phoenix 竜章鳳姿 medaka rice fish eggs 50+α made in Japan neo

¥6,000($37.80)tax included

¥12,000 50%OFF

the last one

Payments will be paid in Japanese yen. The price in the foreign currency is a rough estimate.

This item can be shipped outside of Japan.

Since it is shipped in a large capacity container, there is no problem if the eggs hatch during transportation. You can rest assured that your order will be delivered by professionals who deliver hundreds of items a year.

Characteristics of Dragon Phoenix

Dragon phoenix was developed in 2020.

Dragon phoenix vermilion and has a black mesh pattern (black border).Also, the fins are beautifully stretched and have elegant shapes like sticky rice cakes and guppy.

In addition to the black-rimmed body color, Dragon Phoenix is in the shape of a light and has three characteristics: fin length.

Dragon Phoenix is one of the most beautiful improved killifish and is a very popular killifish.However, it is quite difficult to get it because it is not very spread.

How to Grow Dragon Phoenix

Raising Dragon Phoenix itself is simple.It's no different from other killifish, but it's easier to lose weight than other killifish, so please give them more food.The trick is to reduce the breeding density and increase the amount of food.If you just raise them, there is no big difference in difficulty compared to other killifish.

Explanation of Purchasing and Shipping Products

We will ship within 14 days.
We may cancel your order if, for example, we are unable to secure eggs.

We will ship the product after the payment is completed. The shipment will be an international delivery from Japan (via EMS or FedEx). The containers used for international shipments are over three times larger (90ml) than those used for domestic shipments in Japan, reducing the likelihood of total loss even if hatching occurs during transit.

Important Points:

- We will make every effort to include only confirmed fertilized eggs.
- The images shown are of the parent medaka.
(Please note that the offspring may not necessarily develop the same patterns.)
- We will ship the eggs in vials containing methylene blue solution.

Delivery Notes:Regions We Can Ship To:

- United States
- Canada
- United Kingdom
- France
- Germany
- Hong Kong
- Taiwan
- South Korea
- Other regions upon consultation

Regions We Cannot Ship To:

- Africa
- Middle East
- South America
- Eastern Europe
- Socialist countries such as Russia and China
- Oceania, including Australia

Additional Information:

We make every effort to pack and ship with care, but due to the nature of live organisms, the condition upon arrival and subsequent growth may vary. We do not guarantee against death upon arrival or premature hatching. Please purchase only if you can accept these conditions.

Also, we cannot accommodate specific shipping or delivery dates after purchase. If you have any questions or need to contact us, please do so before purchasing.

If you are particularly sensitive or expect perfection, please refrain from purchasing.

Other Important Notes:

- We generally do not offer discounts.
- If you receive eggs, please open the package immediately and manage the temperature, light, and water quality accordingly.
- Please contact us with any requests or inquiries before purchasing. We may not be able to meet your requests after the purchase, so we appreciate your cooperation to prevent any issues.

Our store does not assume any responsibility for any problems related to delivery. When you purchase a product, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.

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¥6,000 ($37.80)tax included